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Now Known as Cru in the US

It’s official! Campus Crusade for Christ has made the transition to our new name, Cru. In addition to the symbol you see to the left, we will also be using the following tagline:

A caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ

We can’t wait to see what additional doors God opens for us through the use of this new name. That’s the whole point of changing the name, after all. So that nothing hinders our staff and volunteers from being able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone around them.

As for you all, our partners in ministry, this shouldn’t have any significant effect on how you interact with us as a ministry. Donations may be made out to Cru, but using the old name will not cause any problems. Even our old email addresses will still work, though we now have new ones also.

I highly recommend checking out our new website, though! I actually tried to copy the front page to show you, but, not being nearly as tech savvy as Karl, that didn’t go so well (this would have been a 9 page letter ☺). There you’ll find information on our various ministries, encouraging stories, access to resources and information that you can use personally, even a campus locator for your students heading off to college!

Coming to PA

We are excited to say we’re coming to Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks (between June 10-24) just to see you! Well, as many of you as possible in such a short time☺.

Karl’s already working on our schedule and we hope to have a couple of options for “open house” times to make it easier for you to fit us into your summer schedules, too. We’ll post that information here and email it out as soon as we have date/time/location worked out. Also, feel free to call or email us if have a time you’d like to meet with us.

We are so blessed by all of you and want to spend time hearing how you are doing and knowing how we can pray more specifically for you, so we’re really looking forward to this time. Thank you for the ways you serve us and make our ministry with Cru a reality.

Tools for the Kingdom

“If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success”.

– Ecclesiastes 10:10

At Keynote, we have the privilege of creating tools that make the rest of Campus Crusade for Christ more effective. The most recent of those is called MissionHub.

At many campuses, the Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) movement works hard each year to reach the freshman class with the gospel. Every year, freshmen take spiritual interest surveys on paper cards. The staff members collect hundreds of cards and distribute them to the student leaders so they can answer questions the students have about Jesus and invite them to Cru. Invariably, cards end up wedged at the bottom of backpacks, lying on the floor behind dressers, or hidden in trunks of cars. The people who filled out those cards remain unknown, their questions unanswered. No one follows up with them.

Enter MissionHub, an online follow-up system co-developed by people across Campus Crusade for Christ (including here at Keynote), and designed to connect leaders with students who are interested in growing spiritually. With MissionHub, leaders can see how many times and in what way a student has been contacted. It frees them to focus on getting to know students that haven’t yet had their questions answered. It also prevents the awkward “Yes, I know all about Cru; Susie Q talked to me three times about it!” conversations.

This is what a campus ministry leader in New Zealand had to say about MissionHub (he is writing to Keynote’s director, Chris):

Mission Hub has been awesome! … We have over 3000 contacts on Otago campus alone, that is 15% of the campus population in mission Hub. The benefits of the technology are numerous. they will be become more obvious as we head forward. We look forward to seeing people come to Christ. We have had three students make a decision in the last 24 hours already. Pray for us as we follow up students and share the gospel with them.

lastly thanks Chris for the work you are doing with your team to develop mission Hub. We look forward to helping shape the tool and add appropriate functionality.

God bless

Thank you for the part that you’re playing in this effort by praying and giving. Lives are being changed! Please pray that we set the right priorities and develop this tool wisely as it is used within Campus Crusade for Christ and by other churches and ministries around the world.

Please also pray for Liesl’s back, neck and head. She’s been experiencing a lot of pain lately. We know that God is with us even in the hard times, but it can be discouraging when physical pain goes on for long periods.

Thank you again for your prayers!

MinistryNet Report

Thank you for praying for my trip to Thailand!  Five of us from Keynote traveled to Bangkok last Tuesday and returned this Monday and Tuesday.  We enjoyed safe travel, productive meetings with coworkers from all over the world, and protection from the flooding.

We brought information about a new tool called MissionHub that is beginning to be used within Campus Crusade for Christ to connect students to local ministries, and to make sure that every interested person is contacted by student leaders.  One of our team led a session on “Using Social Media to Accelerate Your Local Movement”.

Others from around the world brought information about the tools and strategies that they’re using to reach people and build communities online.  It was inspiring to hear about the ways that God’s name is being lifted up through web sites, blogs, apps, film, and video.  We strengthened connections and made new ones.

Please continue to pray that we can make the most of the tools and relationships that God has given us.  If we can figure out how to work together better, we will accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission even more!

And please pray for the people of Thailand and our Campus Crusade for Christ staff there.  Since late October, deadly floods have invaded Thailand, forcing Thai CCC staff to postpone ministry activities in order to help displaced people. Though native to Thailand’s heavy rain season, many of these staff members returned to find their own homes damaged, and in some cases, totally destroyed.  If you would like to help them financially, please see

OpenDoors 2011 World Watch List

Each year Open Doors releases the World Watch List, a detailed analysis of Christian persecution worldwide. In this free resource, countries are evaluated and ranked according to the severity of persecution that occurred in the past year.

Check out the list at and pray for Christians in these countries!

Reaching Out with the Good News

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating and that you had a chance to really be thankful (the preparations and shopping can make for a crazy time). We had our first Thanksgiving at our own home and loved it.

It was especially nice to slow down after a full month. Keynote’s Vision Event went sooo well. If you weren’t able to watch Karl’s live broadcast you can see it now at

The weeks before and after that event also saw us hosting Tom and Harro, two CCC Australia Interns! They just released an iPhone app to help others share the gospel. They took the most widely used booklet for understanding who Jesus is, Would You Like to Know God Personally?, and made it available through the iTunes store (since it’s the Australian version, it has slight differences from the American booklet).

Similar to Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws, Knowing God Personally is the perfect tool for helping people understand how to have an intimate relationship with God. People can download the application free of charge. Harro grins, “It’s a God thing because we didn’t advertise it. We placed just one wallpost on Facebook and it took off from there. The first week the Lord allowed us to have 350 downloads from 31 countries.”

We had them come in to brainstorm ways we can use modern media to communicate the Gospel in more creative ways (and do programming). Keynote’s New Media Labs has been working on God Tools, another app for iPhones (and soon for Android phones). God Tools offers several Campus Crusade for Christ gospel booklets and the great articles from If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download Knowing God Personally and God Tools for free from the app store.

This month we’ve also had a number of conversations that reminded us just how challenging it can be for most of us to know how to clearly communicate how to begin a relationship with God. Even long-time believers find it hard to know what out of the whole Bible and their lives to focus on when talking to someone who doesn’t know God.

Simple outlines of the Gospel can be a big help.  Whether you get an app for your phone, carry a paper copy with you, or use some other method, the important thing is to be ready to share, in a simple way, what God says. I find that just getting the 4 points in my head (and keeping them there) can make it so much easier to know I’ve clearly shared what’s important when I have limited time. When in doubt, just read through the booklet with someone!

Most important is praying and trusting God to work in people’s lives. He’s the life changer and he can use all of us as we step out in faith to share our own stories of God in our lives. You don’t have to “do it perfectly” for God to use you to share His love with someone. We’ll be praying for all of us to trust God and reach out this Christmas season.