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“Waves” video and discussion tool

“What does it take to break out of patterns of destruction?”

Our friends Zak and Becky Alwin perform in their original hip-hop style as “Rhymz Suhreal”. I’m excited that I got to help with the launching of their new web site at But I’m even more excited about their new music video “Waves”.

The video speaks about how we can get caught up in circular patterns of destruction that pull us back in like riptides in the ocean. It ends with Zak still in a hopeless state, but the Alwins have created a discussion guide that can be used to introduce people to Jesus, the “circle breaker”, who can set us free.

Becky says, “Our hope is that after viewing the videos, the Spirit would move on hearts for those wanting to go deeper and seek answers on how to break free from their own circles and destructive patterns of living. We hope that people will utilize the tool we created in their small groups to start a dialogue and collective effort to seek freedom found through Christ.”

“We’ve already used it in Marion County jail and the discussion tool sparked and fueled meaningful conversations and we witnessed personal breakthroughs in the men who gave their lives to Christ. Other groups that could use this tool could include: counseling & recovery programs, college campuses, bible study groups for people new to the faith or seeking, and more.”

Check out the “Waves” video, the “Behind the Music” video, and the discussion guide at (click on the 3 lines at the top left to open the menu).

Downloading the Holy Spirit?

everystudentEarlier this year we heard this encouraging story of how God used technology to reach someone in Hungary. Here it is in his own words…

My name is Balazs, I’m from Hungary, and I’d like to share my story of how I became a Christian.

One day last summer, I was at work and surfing the Internet. I saw a banner, saying “Six straightforward reasons to conclude that God exists.” It looked interesting, so I clicked on

I read the article, and it was very clear and very logical. I was thinking like “If I really click this link, Jesus will really come into my life? Does that mean that I’m – technically – downloading the Holy Spirit?”

That thought was hilarious. I wanted to test it. So I clicked. Needless to say, nothing happened. But there was a box where I could ask questions.

I had tons of questions. I started to correspond with a volunteer on the site. After a few months we met in person, along with her family, and we became friends. After a while, I ran out of questions. I accepted Jesus, not by clicking on a link, but by heart.

What has happened every since? God has made his presence known in my life in many, many ways. First and most importantly, the painful feeling of missing something in my life is gone. Now, I’m a volunteer on myself. I’m answering questions for others.

If it wasn’t for the digital means, I probably wouldn’t be a Christian. I never really trusted religious people, but a website seemed harmless enough. I know that many people around my age (26) feel the same. Thanks for reading, God bless.

Marilyn Adamson, a fellow Cru missionary, started in the fall of 2000. Now it’s available in 40 languages, and God is using its various versions to draw people to Himself from every area of the world. It’s a privilege to have helped Marilyn in little ways over the years and to be serving with a ministry like Cru that is using digital technologies in life-changing ways.

Summer Project Update

In July we told you about the students that came to Keynote to participate in our Summer Project. We had just spent some late nights being extras in the music video that they were shooting. Here’s the final product:

Some words from the song in the video became a theme of what the students learned and experienced during project: “Take these open hands. I know that I can reach another with what I have. Make purpose live through me.”

The hope for Summer Project was to create tools to help start spiritual conversations about Jesus. In five weeks they created five! In addition to the video, other tools the students worked on were:

  • a survival handbook for college freshmen called Ramen with a Side of College
  • a video with live-action drawing to accompany a spoken word poem
  • a poster series with web-based interaction called Faded Words
  • a social media campaign that can be used by Cru movements across the country!

Each week project students and staff participated in at least two outreaches on social media, through social justice, or by initiating conversations on a local college campus using an art and belief survey.

On campus, Karen and Stephen talked with Nick. He was very open to taking the survey. As they talked, Nick said he is bothered by street preachers who yell at people through megaphones. Karen and Stephen established common ground when they said they didn’t prefer that method either! Nick was open to going through four points about knowing God.

Karen said about their conversation, “…we went through the four points slowly with plenty of dialogue and questions. His main hang up about God is that He doesn’t show Himself to everyone in an obvious way and make them believe in Him. We explained that a relationship with God requires faith because it reflects a desire to know Him and not being forced to know Him. Nick was fascinated by that idea and we could see it click with him. We gave him the opportunity to place his faith in Christ, but he wasn’t ready in that moment; he needed to take the time to count the cost. However, he told us that we helped change his perspective on faith and helped him think differently than he has before.”

In the process of learning more about sharing their faith and developing creative resources, the students also learned to work together, defer to one another and hold things loosely. Tessa reflected, “It’s easy for us to take pride in our ideas because personally, it feels like this is what I have to offer and sharing an idea is like putting forward a part of myself. I’m not a competitive person by nature, but I’ve realized that this is one area in my life where I feel that competitive drive come out. In this project, you knew once you put something out there, you had to hold it loosely and know that everyone is working to make that idea better. It can be hard to let your original idea go, but the end result is way better than what you could have done on your own.”

When we return the time, talents and resources God has given us to Him, He “takes our open hands” and uses them for His glory.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts that keep ministry like this going!

Anything Can Talk!

David Pendleton, Keynote comedy ventriloquist, has recently been touring the Midwest with his cast of comedic characters: Aunt Tilly, a lovable but blunt 94-year-old spinster; Mack Elroy, the classic, quick-witted troublemaker; Buford, the dopey yet adorable hound dog; and Vern, the slightly misguided albino vulture.

Making people believe that “anything can talk” is not the only thing that has kept David busy.

“I’m very excited about the opportunities I’ve had to help build a close community among Christian comedians through the Christian Comedy Association. As a board member, I have organized an annual conference that provides a unique chance for people within the Christian comedy community to connect. It’s a great place for us to encourage one another and grow together as we pursue excellence in what God has called us to do.”

In conjunction with Love a Tree Day (May 16), David also launched his new website at “My website has needed an update for far too long. The new site will give people a clear picture of the creative outreach I can offer through my comedy ventriloquist act.”

I (Karl) had the privilege of helping to work on the new site. I and my coworkers Ryan and Karen made sure that the site looks good on different devices like phones and tablets. We learned things about David’s ministry that we’d never heard – check out the inspiring story of how he acquired Mack (it’s a bit hidden – click on “Bio” and then Mack’s icon at the bottom).


This fall David heads to South Africa with a team from Houston Northwest Baptist Church. The team will be doing a series of outreach events in schools, prisons, orphanages, and neighborhoods throughout the region. “It excites me to know that what I offer as a comedy ventriloquist will open the door for those on my team to share the gospel with individuals that they might not otherwise encounter.”

Your partnership with Keynote helps start spiritual conversations in creative ways. Thank you!

AIA – Road to Sochi

Road to Sochi

You can do more than just watch this year’s Winter Olympics! Athletes in Action, Cru’s ministry to athletes, is planning fruitful ministry around the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. While you might not be able to attend the Olympics, there are plenty of ways for you to be a part of the ministry.

1. Pray for athletes, coaches and Olympic officials

AIA is enlisting people to serve as Olympic Prayer Partners for the 2014 Sochi Games. Each person will be assigned the names of 3-5 Olympic athletes to pray for during the weeks leading up to and during the Games.

You can then take each specific athlete before the Lord and ask His blessing over their Olympic experience, His provision for their physical health and safety, and His dominion over their spiritual lives as they have the opportunity to encounter the various chaplains and ministry personnel who will be present at the Games.

2. Pray for the chaplains and others working with the athletes

AIA leaders and staff representing over 10 countries around the world will be ministering to Olympians. AIA staff will have direct access to the athletes while acting in unique positions in Sochi: chaplains, advisers, counselors, coaches, trainers, and other administrative positions.

3. Use and social media to share the athletes’ faith stories

Look for these athletes in Sochi, and check out their stories of faith at

also, see the story of Paralympian Bonnie St John.

You can also follow AIA on facebook and twitter.

We hope that you’re inspired to pray, and perhaps are able to share some of these stories with your friends who haven’t already decided to follow Christ.