Merry Christmas!

This has been an eventful year for the Kranich family!

In April, we took a spring break trip to Quebec City and Montreal. Liesl and Anja got to practice French, and we all felt like we had a bit of a European adventure in North America.

The biggest news is that after 26 years (for Karl) and 24 years (for Liesl), we’re no longer serving with Cru.

Before that, though, we enjoyed one last summer in Colorado on Cru’s staff conference team. It was great to spend time with our Cru friends from all over the country, and Anja had her first paying job at the Coffee House.

In the fall, Karl started working at Liberty Mutual Insurance, working with document management systems. He likes his team, the work, and the simple commute to 96th and Meridian in Indianapolis.

Liesl has been volunteering at the first (hopefully annual) Carmel Christkindlmarkt. It lets her combine her loves of Germany, Christmas, and singing, which is awesome. Check it out next year — I’m sure it will happen again.

Anja is in 10th grade and is learning to drive (slowly, since she’s not very motivated). So far, so good!

We continue to enjoy worshiping and serving at Christ Community Church.

In the midst of this season that can be busy and stressful, we pray that each one of us can find some time to rest in the peace and joy that God offers in Christ.

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