Downloading the Holy Spirit?

everystudentEarlier this year we heard this encouraging story of how God used technology to reach someone in Hungary. Here it is in his own words…

My name is Balazs, I’m from Hungary, and I’d like to share my story of how I became a Christian.

One day last summer, I was at work and surfing the Internet. I saw a banner, saying “Six straightforward reasons to conclude that God exists.” It looked interesting, so I clicked on

I read the article, and it was very clear and very logical. I was thinking like “If I really click this link, Jesus will really come into my life? Does that mean that I’m – technically – downloading the Holy Spirit?”

That thought was hilarious. I wanted to test it. So I clicked. Needless to say, nothing happened. But there was a box where I could ask questions.

I had tons of questions. I started to correspond with a volunteer on the site. After a few months we met in person, along with her family, and we became friends. After a while, I ran out of questions. I accepted Jesus, not by clicking on a link, but by heart.

What has happened every since? God has made his presence known in my life in many, many ways. First and most importantly, the painful feeling of missing something in my life is gone. Now, I’m a volunteer on myself. I’m answering questions for others.

If it wasn’t for the digital means, I probably wouldn’t be a Christian. I never really trusted religious people, but a website seemed harmless enough. I know that many people around my age (26) feel the same. Thanks for reading, God bless.

Marilyn Adamson, a fellow Cru missionary, started in the fall of 2000. Now it’s available in 40 languages, and God is using its various versions to draw people to Himself from every area of the world. It’s a privilege to have helped Marilyn in little ways over the years and to be serving with a ministry like Cru that is using digital technologies in life-changing ways.

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