April Update

Well, it took its time, but in Indiana, Spring has finally sprung! We just missed having daffodils on Easter, but it’s been beautiful. The mood of change suits how our lives have been shifting around, too.

Karl’s been kept busy working in lots of directions. The office rebuild is now done and the Campus Regional Team moved into our building March 26th, so he no longer has to pull cables through the floor and the walls on a daily basis anymore ☺.

While all that was happening, we were also working on developing new financial support before the official transfer to working for our new team, the Global Technology Office. I’m happy to say that we are almost there! Thank you to all of you, both faithful long time supporters and those who are brand new to our team! You all are the ones who make our service with Cru possible!

And now Karl is shifting gears to focusing on our time in Colorado. As the Tech Team leader for our Staff Conference Team, he’s busy spending time making sure all the tech supplies are purchased and shipped properly so that the moment the tech team arrives, they’ll be able to get the space set up and functional for the summer. We leave in exactly 1 month. I will be helping out with some childcare on the front end and assisting VIPs toward the end of the summer, and Anja, now 13, will be working some childcare gigs and playing even more with the teen track.

As for me, my old job with the Ops team ended when the two offices merged. One piece of my work literally left the office since it was a copy machine we wouldn’t be using anymore. Since we are merging two systems into one, there are lots of us having to relearn how to get the day-to-day stuff done. In light of that (and of us being gone all summer), I am temporarily assignment free. I’m waiting for the “dust to settle” and come August will see what gaps either team has and figure out where I’m needed.

In the meantime, having the two offices merged means I hear about twice as many volunteer needs for special events. For example, in the last month, Keynote hosted a Worship Arts Conference weekend. My job was to let 6 college guys into our house after midnight, and then to wash six sets of sheets the next day. Glamorous, I know, but it’s a great way to serve. We kept their costs way down, which made it possible for more to attend.

April 17 was the kickoff weekend for the Great Lakes Region Interns and STINTers (Short Term INTernational missionaries). They needed to get tons of materials from the office to the hotel, so this is where having a minivan comes in handy. We got everything loaded and unloaded and prepped to register 145 of them that afternoon. These students will be working for the next year on campuses all over the region and 9 separate global teams from Europe to Asia.

Most recently (and my personal favorite), we had Cru’s semiannual Day of Prayer on Tuesday, and I got to help lead worship! So fun working with this team!  (see picture at the top of this post)

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