Cru Worship Arts Conference


On March 21 and 22, our office hosted Cru’s first ever Worship Arts Conference. These 22 students from Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan learned that successful worship leading depends on their character, skill, and dependence on God’s Spirit. Everyone had a blast, and Liesl and I got to help by giving 6 guys a place to sleep on Saturday night.

Faith, Prayers, and Motorbikes

To put a four-person staff team on each of the 50,000 college campuses around the world, we would need 200,000 campus staff. We must depend on the Lord for the wisdom and creative thinking needed to accomplish the mission He has given us.

One local team in Asia began doing a lot of creative thinking in the area of broadening their scope. Ben’s campus team discovered there were 67 universities in their city. Their hearts broke for all the unengaged students outside their current reach. So by faith, they broadened their scope.

The team went out and bought several motorbikes, and divided up the city: each team member took responsibility for around 10 campuses. They began zooming around town, exploring campuses, sharing the gospel, and praying the Lord would raise up key volunteers and movements on every campus.

By the end of their first year, they’d personally visited 55 campuses. They surfaced 24 key volunteers who began to share their faith and follow up others until nearly 180 students across the city were involved….and none of those 180 had ever met Ben or his team! The movements were truly student-led.

These are the people and projects that Liesl and I get to support with effective systems, and you are making it happen by standing with us!

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