AIA – Road to Sochi

Road to Sochi

You can do more than just watch this year’s Winter Olympics! Athletes in Action, Cru’s ministry to athletes, is planning fruitful ministry around the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. While you might not be able to attend the Olympics, there are plenty of ways for you to be a part of the ministry.

1. Pray for athletes, coaches and Olympic officials

AIA is enlisting people to serve as Olympic Prayer Partners for the 2014 Sochi Games. Each person will be assigned the names of 3-5 Olympic athletes to pray for during the weeks leading up to and during the Games.

You can then take each specific athlete before the Lord and ask His blessing over their Olympic experience, His provision for their physical health and safety, and His dominion over their spiritual lives as they have the opportunity to encounter the various chaplains and ministry personnel who will be present at the Games.

2. Pray for the chaplains and others working with the athletes

AIA leaders and staff representing over 10 countries around the world will be ministering to Olympians. AIA staff will have direct access to the athletes while acting in unique positions in Sochi: chaplains, advisers, counselors, coaches, trainers, and other administrative positions.

3. Use and social media to share the athletes’ faith stories

Look for these athletes in Sochi, and check out their stories of faith at

also, see the story of Paralympian Bonnie St John.

You can also follow AIA on facebook and twitter.

We hope that you’re inspired to pray, and perhaps are able to share some of these stories with your friends who haven’t already decided to follow Christ.

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