Knowing God Personally

Hey, y’all! Do you remember a couple of months ago when we told you about a campus where Cru was having major trouble being allowed on campus? Then God used the digital contacts they had to bust the doors open for their first meeting. Well, here’s another tear jerker of a story coming out of a student from that campus and her phone.

“Your brother is being flown to the hospital for a collapsed lung. Come right away.”

These words stopped junior Cru leader Sarah (names changed for privacy) dead in her tracks. Her brother was in the flight for life helicopter and there was nothing she could do…nothing but pray…and drive. Sarah had come to know Christ during her sophomore year. So as she started the drive to the hospital she talked to God, and pleaded with him for her brother’s life.

Storming through the doors, she eventually waded through the hospital maze to find the correct waiting room. Hours passed with no news about her brother. She continued to pray, and that’s when God threw her a curve ball. Alongside her in the waiting room, Sarah noticed a 6 year old girl playing with Barbies. To pass the time, Sarah joined her. Curiosity and compassion welled up in her and she asked the little girl “What brings you to the hospital tonight?”


“God didn’t want my sister to leave us yet, he wasn’t ready for her in heaven, so he made her puke up all the pills she took.”

Not long after, Sarah was ushered into a hospital room containing not just one, but two patients – her brother and the little girl’s sister, Libby, who had attempted suicide. After comforting her brother, Sarah went to Libby’s bedside. “Tough night?” she asked. “You have no idea.” replied Libby. After getting to know more of Libby’s story, Sarah asked if she could share some hope with her.

Sarah went on to share how she met Christ during her sophomore year of college while battling cancer. Libby was leaning in, almost falling off her hospital bed. Sensing the desire for more, Sarah pulled out her cell phone and pulled up a Cru app containing an electronic copy of the Four Spiritual Laws (now called “Would you like to know God personally”). In four easy to understand points Libby quickly understood the gospel.

When it was all over, Libby said, “It’s people like you who change the world. You save lives by showing people like me there’s something worth living for. You introduce people to Someone who is everything everyone needs. Don’t ever stop, even when you’re turned away, remember those of us whose lives were saved because of you.”

God saved Libby’s life from suicide so that minutes later he could save her for eternity.

Wow. Don’t ever doubt how God uses all circumstances to work good for us. In case you’d like to have these same tools on your phone so you’ll be ready in all circumstances, go to

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