MissionHub Comes Through!

MissionHubHey, y’all. Below is an email Keynote received just yesterday. We’ve changed the location and names (we don’t want to be the source of anymore troubles for our Cru staff on that campus) but we wanted you to have a taste of both the struggles and the victories God provides and how digital resources are one of the tools God is working through. MissionHub (www.missionhub.com) is a digital tool that Keynote helped build that helps our staff care for the people who need them most.

Vicki/Keynote/Mission Hub friends…

Wanted to share a quick story.

At [State University] Cru has had the week from hell….been kick out of multiple dorms, been yelled at by campus administration, almost had the police called on us. (believe it or not…we hadn’t even broken school policies…talk about spiritual warfare, eh?)

This significantly limited our ability to invite people to Cru and to build relationships. All we had to go off of was the 1100 people we surveyed and entered into mission hub. We used mission hub to mass text and mass e-mail interested students—it seems cyber space was the one area the hostile campus powers couldn’t control.

previously, our largest weekly meeting ever at [State University] was 200ish. Last night, every chair was filled, every isle packed, and we even had people sitting on stage we were so full. Best we could count we know we had over 300 people at Cru last night—BY FAR OUR LARGEST MEETING EVER.

And the Lord used Mission hub to play a significant role in that.

Love and appreciate you guys,

signed, [Campus Team Leader]

Whew! Reminds me just how much we need prayer because the battle is a spiritual one and God is the one who provides the victory. We’re thankful for being a part of how God worked through MissionHub, but always want to remember that our staff and our ministry tools are only fruitful in God’s hands. Please pray for campus ministries all over the country (globe) for God to work through and around every obstacle and that lives would be changed. Thank you for partnering with us!

P.S. Anja turned 12 today! As a mom, I’m still stunned that 12 whole years have gone by and we pray for her to continue to grow into the woman God wants her to be.

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