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Greetings from Indiana! We’ve enjoyed a beautiful month, though now we’re praying for the east coast with the rest of you as winter front and late hurricane collide. God’s power, mercy and provision are evident in blessings and trials alike. Thank goodness we can trust Him to work all things for good for those who love Him.

Though Karl and I work mostly behind the scenes we do it to make real life change possible. So when I read the story below I just had to share it with you. Rhymz Suhreal is a husband and wife team that joined Keynote recently and tour as they are able (thanks to grandparents and friends who help out with their 4 kids ☺).

She was told “You Can Not Come To God…” by Becky and Zak Alwin

September was a month for Rhymz Suhreal to be out on the road sharing the Good News. We were able to minister to over 700 people throughout September. We were well received by the audiences we played to, which was encouraging, as well as fun for us. However, the real joy came in the conversations and time that we spent talking and praying with people after the show.

A woman named Brenda whom we met in Racine, WI, couldn’t even wait for after the show. She rushed up to the stage while we took a short break in our set. With tears in her eyes, she came towards us and called out, “I heard your music from 2 blocks away . . . I just knew I had to come!”

I hopped off the stage and we hugged. She asked me, “How can I know God?” Needless to say, I was ready to offer her the Living Water, and The Word of God. While we talked, she shared how she was told from her previous church that she “couldn’t come to God”- that she “could not pray to Him.” It broke my heart to hear that! I told her that Christ came and died so that we could come to God—that our relationship with Him was broken by our sin, but was restored through Jesus when we put our faith in Him!

I will never forget her facial expression upon hearing that. It was disbelief and shock, mixed with tremendous joy and wonder-the lies were being unlocked, she was slowly grasping this new found truth. To see someone hear, truly hear the real gospel message for the first time, was exciting and humbling—for her and for me! What a privilege and honor to be a small part in what the Spirit was doing in this lady’s heart.

That day she put her faith in Him—the One who made a way for her to come directly to the Father. Our new sister in Christ said to us, again with tears streaming down her face, “Thank you for coming. This is the best day of my life.” And it was!!! That day her name was written in the Book of Life and she could now start her journey walking daily with her personal Lord & Savior.

If you were encouraged by this story, we’d like to invite you to “attend” An Evening with Keynote! Join us online at 7:20pm on November 10 at to be encouraged by stories and updates from Keynote 2012.

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