Office Redesign

The past month for me was all about our office redesign project. We want to have a workplace that inspires creativity and is an encouraging place to work, but we obviously didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the project. We came up with a plan to get new carpet, rearrange our existing cubicle walls, and add some new furniture and color.

My part was to coordinate the electrical and data cable work:

pulling cables

Except for some decorating, the project is done! I’m excited that things are working and look great. I’m also confident that we have an office that will serve us well for a long time.

office redesign

Of course, the point is the ministry that will happen here and around the world through our work.

Here is what God did this summer through the Keynote summer project students:

  • 8,800 miles traveled
  • 3,453 people in attendance at our concerts and film/theater events
  • 532 one-on-one spiritual conversations
  • 362 people who indicated a decision to receive Christ!

Thank you for the part that you play in making all of this happen! God is at work through your prayers and giving!

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