A Busy Summer is Starting!

EstoniaWow, summer is flying by and it only just started! We just got back a couple days ago from our trip to see many of you. I can definitely say we left more encouraged than we started, because of our time hearing back from so many of you. You all are a HUGE blessing to us and we want you to know just how much we appreciate your part in our ministry with Cru.

While we were gone, Keynote has been full speed ahead with this year’s students attending the Keynote Summer Project. The students arrived a little over a week ago and are getting trained in communication/story telling skills as well as developing their roles in the bands they’ll tour with.

One example of skills requiring training would be for the sound techs. Before most of the students got here all the sound tech people (both Keynote staff and students) had to get trained on new digital sound boards. It’s stuff like that which requires so much skill to make the outreach events go well, but is often unseen and unsung.

Even our house got to serve while we were gone, because a couple of the sound tech students were able to bunk there with Harro, our new Australian staff member ☺. We love how God helps us be good stewards of our stuff, even when we’re not around.

Pray for Keynote

  • Keynote Summer Project bands. Pray for God to do amazing things in the students’ lives and through their ministry this summer. The bands will be touring the second half of July and into August.
  • Keynote Office redesign. As soon as summer project is over the office is getting a major overhaul/redesign. You can imagine the disruption this can cause to everyone’s work and Karl and many of the staff are going to be hands on pulling things apart and putting them back together.

PrayEurope.com (for more info, click on Prayer Projects)

  • Heartbeat Tallinn. CRU’s ministry in Europe is targeting the country of Estonia (across from Finland, former USSR) with a massive, multipronged outreach campaign. Keynote and Impact (who serve with us) are sending artists over as part of the outreach strategies.
  • AIA (Athletes in Action) Olympics in London. As you can imagine, much of the world is coming to London, and the rest of the world will be watching. Please pray for the campaign to minister to athletes, attendees, and even the online potential as people around the world Google their favorite sports and find testimonies from athletes who know Jesus.


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