Now Known as Cru in the US

It’s official! Campus Crusade for Christ has made the transition to our new name, Cru. In addition to the symbol you see to the left, we will also be using the following tagline:

A caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ

We can’t wait to see what additional doors God opens for us through the use of this new name. That’s the whole point of changing the name, after all. So that nothing hinders our staff and volunteers from being able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone around them.

As for you all, our partners in ministry, this shouldn’t have any significant effect on how you interact with us as a ministry. Donations may be made out to Cru, but using the old name will not cause any problems. Even our old email addresses will still work, though we now have new ones also.

I highly recommend checking out our new website, though! I actually tried to copy the front page to show you, but, not being nearly as tech savvy as Karl, that didn’t go so well (this would have been a 9 page letter ☺). There you’ll find information on our various ministries, encouraging stories, access to resources and information that you can use personally, even a campus locator for your students heading off to college!

Coming to PA

We are excited to say we’re coming to Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks (between June 10-24) just to see you! Well, as many of you as possible in such a short time☺.

Karl’s already working on our schedule and we hope to have a couple of options for “open house” times to make it easier for you to fit us into your summer schedules, too. We’ll post that information here and email it out as soon as we have date/time/location worked out. Also, feel free to call or email us if have a time you’d like to meet with us.

We are so blessed by all of you and want to spend time hearing how you are doing and knowing how we can pray more specifically for you, so we’re really looking forward to this time. Thank you for the ways you serve us and make our ministry with Cru a reality.

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