Kyle’s Story – “Am I Making a Difference?”

Keynote team and AnnibalKyle’s story was written by Vanessa Robles for a Keynote newsletter.  We can relate well to it:

With a freshly printed diploma Kyle was ready to get his hands dirty in missions. He began his Keynote internship with big dreams: to grow spiritually, be challenged, and help further God’s kingdom. His role as web developer provided him with that opportunity.

While Kyle heard that his technical savvy furthered Keynote’s mission to reach the lost for Christ, after a few months he found it difficult to believe that his work was making a difference. “I started to struggle with thinking that my efforts [behind the scenes] weren’t helping in the trenches, on the grassroots level of evangelism,” says Kyle.

God answered Kyle’s question of significance. With his laptop packed snugly in a black bag, Kyle flew to Guatemala with a Keynote Communication Training team. The Keynote team was invited to Central America to coach mission workers from two indigenous Mayan tribes, Panama, and Guatemala. The classes on public communication for evangelism provided an opportunity for the native Spanish speakers to enrich and broaden their ministry outreach.

God painted a vivid picture for Kyle of the important role he plays in sharing the gospel. Kyle’s work at Keynote continues to help and broadened the reach of missionaries around the world. Kyle enables Keynote to share the gospel with more people by creating and designing web sites, emails and web pages. While serving as technical support in Guatemala, Kyle not only helped to increase the impact of the missionaries in Central America, but he also saw how vital it is for each member of the body of Christ to actively contribute their time, talents, and resources to reaching the lost around the world with God’s love.

God used this trip to change Kyle’s life. Kyle says, “This trip helped me see what I had been missing all along, that resource ministry is a beautiful and humble thing… my internship experience was an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth. I am living a more God-minded life now. I appreciate being able to look back and see how God has drawn me closer to Himself this year.”

Karl and I both remember our early times in support ministry roles in Florida. Ministry can be exciting at times, at times challenging, but it can also feel hum drum. That’s when having God’s perspective becomes so important. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the two builders. One, when asked what he was doing, replied,”I’m laying bricks”. The other one said, “I’m building an amazing Cathedral!”. Same work, radically different perspective.

Karl and I are grateful that we generally can “see” how our support roles, tech and otherwise, add up to God reaching the lost and building his Amazing Kingdom. But all missionaries (dare I say, all of us Christians) can use God’s perspective on how He’s using our daily lives. Let’s pray for each other to keep God’s big picture before our eyes. Blessings to you as we remember He who conquered death to save us, Amen!

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