Kranich Family Update

Happy 2012, y’all! Hope you are all recovered from the holidays and are seeing God moving in you and through you in your daily lives. We are encouraged and humbled in the big and little things we see, like seeing Anja becoming a young lady who cares for others, while trying to parent her in the areas that don’t go so well. We’ve seen prayers for very sick people be answered with healing, while others got more bad news that their cancer has spread. What we do know is that, big or little, yes or no, God is there, working in and through life’s irritations, interruptions, blessings and trials.

For me personally, there have been some steps forward in that I’ve been able to see some improvement in my constant headaches. It’s still a moment my moment problem for me and that probably won’t change, but it makes me increasingly aware of how God has to be involved in every day and how he determines how I will spend it.

One blessing stemming from this improvement is that I’m able to take over doing some of Keynote’s financial jobs, and have been spending a lot more time in the office getting trained. Some friends are transitioning out of Keynote to open a local branch of FamilyLife (another great part of Cru) here in Indy. The timing has worked well for me to take up where he left off on this part of his job. One of the other moms has taken another big piece of his responsibilities so the gap is being filled.

Another way we’re happy to serve is by opening our home to visitors. With the Superbowl just around the corner, housing is, as you can imagine, a bit scarce. Athletes in Action (yet another part of Cru!) hosts a Superbowl breakfast every year as one of the official events and they have a lot of staff heading to Indy to run this great event. We’ll be able to make things easier by sharing our home with some of them.

The following month, we’ll host another staff member from Orlando coming to attend Keynote’s Comm Lab. No matter how long we have been in ministry, we’ve found that the skills Comm Lab teaches on how to effectively communicate your story and your message are invaluable.

Keynote will host the third annual Comm Lab at the end of March. Keynote loves to serve others and equip them to more confidently proclaim God’s truth. Please pray with us that this would be an effective and helpful event for all who participate. This event is open to anyone who would like to attend, so if you or someone you know would like to take part in this event, you can learn more here.

Thank you all for your involvement in our lives. You make our ministry here in Indy possible through your prayers, your generosity, and your encouragement. We are so blessed by you!

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