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Hey, y’all! We hope you are seeing God active all around you. Something about seasons changing makes even looking out the window a reminder of God’s creativity and blessings. And hearing about the earthquakes and floods on the news reminds us of His sovereignty and power, especially as it relates to us personally.

MinistryNet, the international Campus Crusade tech conference that Karl and just under 200 of our staff around the globe are preparing to attend next week, has been a matter of prayer, since there’s a great deal of flooding in Thailand right now. The conference is still happening and Karl will be heading there November 1-7. Please pray for safety and God’s provision for all attending and for our ministry to grow by leaps and bounds thanks to this time.

And while we’re thinking internationally, we’d love to let you hear what God did through Keynote in India this month! The Gap Theory took to the stage to share God’s love, despite many obstacles. One example is the concert at Hindustan University in Chennai. Rain threatened to either cancel the concert or move the show indoors to a less than optimal venue. Campus Crusade for Christ leaders at the university trusted God and continued with the outdoor setting. Before long, the skies cleared and the concert began. More than 500 students filled the courtyard and engaged with the band’s music.

The president of the university came onstage to personally thank the band and give them a gift. At the end of the concert, 111 people indicated a first-time decision to call on Jesus to save them. A number of others asked for more information about getting connected with the on-campus ministry.

Difficult circumstances and great faith were also evident in Hyderabad, a city plagued with political turmoil. Public transportation had not been running for several weeks and this played into concert attendance. All of the schools and colleges were supposed to be shut down due to labor strikes related to the political unrest, but two schools remained open under threat of violence in order to host The Gap Theory for evangelistic concerts.

The chancellor at one of the colleges told the band they kept the school open just for the concert, but planned to release the students after the show. Close to 300 college students stayed for the concert and heard the gospel. At least 10 of them indicated a decision to trust Christ, 25 wanted to know more about Christ and 23 others wanted to get involved with the local ministry.

When asked how this international tour compared to others, Ethan said, “The fruitfulness from this tour far exceeded any other trip I’ve been on. We need to be thinking about going back and seeing God do even more.”

Despite the influence of Islam, Hinduism and other religions, the people of India were open to the gospel of Jesus Christ. More than 400 people indicated a decision to begin a relationship with Jesus during the band’s two-week tour and close to 40% of the audiences indicated some sort of turning towards Christ. God is so good! Thank you for being a part of what God is doing around the globe by supporting our ministry prayerfully and financially. You make stories like this possible! God bless!


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