Colorado Update – July 2011

It’s been an exciting summer for us and our staff out here in Colorado this year. We’ll save a lot of the details for our next letter because we want to take the time now to give you the inside perspective on the biggest piece of news.

You may have heard that Campus Crusade for Christ will be changing our name to ‘Cru’ next year. We are excited about this change, and we like the new name. In the two days since our leadership made the announcement, media coverage (Fox News, Huffington Post, CNN, USA Today, etc.) has shifted from noting the change to implying that we caved in to social pressure to remove “Christ” from our name.

Nothing could be further from the truth! We remain as committed as ever to the cause of Jesus Christ, and we want to be known as a caring group of people who follow Jesus and invite others into a relationship with him. It was actually the other two words, “Campus” and “Crusade” that were removed because of the confusion they create about our ministry. Cru has been a nickname of our campus groups for years, and it seemed suitable (after lots of research) as a name for the entire U.S. ministry.

We had lots of questions, so we figure you may as well. Below is an ‘official’ letter on the matter from Campus Crusade for Christ, and you can read more here (

One question we’ve already been personally asked is how will this affect you, our ministry partners. The answer is, very little. How you contribute financially will remain the same (and checks made out to either Campus Crusade for Christ or Cru will continue to be accepted). Mostly, we just want you to know it’s happening and to understand that it’s to further the cause of Christ, not to hinder it. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns! God bless you!

Here is the letter from our leadership.


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