Colorado Update – June 2011

A lot has been happening this summer! Here’s a brief glimpse…

From Keynote in Indiana, several bands formed by the summer project students are finishing up their 3-week concert tours. Here are some comments from some prison concerts:

“I’m really glad they came. Those songs started opening the brick wall I had between me and God, and now thanks to the band that wall that was up is no longer there!”

“You were a positive influence on inmates such as myself. I never would have considered giving my life to God without the help from you.”

“I started praying when I got arrested 2 months ago. But for the first time in years I don’t feel dead inside and I’m happy – I started a relationship with God.”

“I feel very good to know that there are others that care about me, and who want to help me change my life.”

From the Staff Conference Team in Colorado, things have been going well. Karl is leading a wonderful team of technical people: Jeff from the Jesus Film Project, Mike from the Office of the President, Suzanne and Chris from the IT Group (Karl’s previous office), and Chris and Terin, our summer project students. We have a great mix of perspectives, knowledge, and experience.

We’ve been setting up offices, fixing computers, linking people to information, and generally serving wherever we can. Please pray that we would be granted wisdom from God – we have been struggling with some strange network problems.

Liesl has just finished the first of two classes that she’s taking this summer. Reading ahead made it less stressful than we expected. Please pray that the Biblical Communication class goes as well for the next few weeks.

Thank you for supporting us with your prayers and finances! We are looking forward to the big US Staff conference in July. It’s going to be filled with fun, friends, and new technical challenges for Karl’s team.

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