March Update

Well, the daffodils are blooming and there’s snow swirling in the air! Life’s full of strange transitions like that isn’t it? So good that our God never changes, never fails to keep His word, never stops loving us.

Karl is increasingly busy with regular Keynote tech needs, and preparing for our US staff conference time out in Colorado this summer. He will be directing the tech team out there this summer for the first time and is still overseeing parts of the project to use technology to connect people with global ministry opportunities. The goal is to have that developed enough to train our staff to use it this summer. And he has a birthday tomorrow!  [this was written on 3/30 -kwk]

I just did an overhaul of most of the Keynote library. We keep resources on hand to train and develop our staff, and it occasionally needs some reorganization and attention ;-). My highlight of the month though, was being able to host friends from Orlando who we used to work with. Keynote occasionally has communication trainings. This past week was a marathon of Comm Lab and then Speakers training (for those whose ministry is predominantly in front of groups). Our friends came in for the latter, and stayed with us, so that we could care for their little girl and make it possible for both husband and wife to attend.

It was a pleasure just to reconnect and hear how God is using them, but it was also a joy for me to use my home to serve. Ironically, my back got cranky, and made it tricky to take care of their child, but that turned out to be a blessing, too. Anja and Karl were around to help, and we all thoroughly enjoyed having a sweet, singsongy little girl in the house. I loved seeing Anja rise to the occasion and be so sweet and kind and helpful with her. It did my heart good (especially after a week of dealing with her sin issues, and my sin issues, too).

And as for Anja, she’s proud to be up to my chin now, excelling in 3rd grade, and will test for her karate gold belt this week. She also is looking forward to spring break, but thinks it’s awful that it starts on April 1, because she can’t do April Fools jokes at school 😉

Karl and I also do some online missionary work with Global Media Outreach (affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ). This past week they asked us to prepare for a lot more contacts to come, as they were going to have a 2 day campaign to reach 2 million people. Here’s what happened!

God drew over 2.5 million people to the websites, over 244,000 people indicated decisions for Jesus Christ and we saw about 26,000 emails requesting follow up from our Online Missionaries.

From there we direct people to web sites designed to help them grow in their faith. We also do our best to answer questions they have. We know that not everyone truly “gets” the Gospel, but the chance to help so many people grow to know the Lord is amazing.

Thank you for being a part of all of this! Your love and care, prayers and financial support make our lives in ministry possible, and we love having such a wonderful team like you! God bless you in your victories and in your struggles,

Liesl, Karl, & Anja


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