February update

How have you gotten connected with opportunities to serve in your local church or another ministry?  Many of you filled out a form and dropped it into an offering plate or a collection box.  Over the years, thousands of students have done the same thing, expressing interest in a summer mission trip, or serving on the worship team, or joining a small group Bible study.

Here’s a different way:  Imagine that you’re a college student at a winter conference, and you’re told that you can be connected to ministry opportunities by sending a short text message.  You send the text, and get a reply that sends you to a form that lets you indicate the kinds of opportunities that you’re interested in.

Because the system is connected to facebook (and you and your friends are avid facebook users), you soon find out that several of your friends are interested in the same overseas trip as you.  You’re even more interested in the trip now that you know that you could be serving with some of your friends.

In another context, the local leadership sees that a student, Alice, has expressed interest in an investigative Bible study.  The system shows them that Alice’s friend Beth is a student ministry leader and Beth gets to introduce Alice to the Bible study and eventually the Savior.

This is just part of the vision that we have for a project that we’re currently calling the “Mission Accelerator”.  It’s already under development, and we’re praying that the first phase will be ready for use on campus in the fall.  Down the road we hope that it could be used by churches and other missions organizations.

Please pray with us for:

  • wisdom for all of the decisions that will need to be made by leaders, the project manager, and the coders
  • a spirit of teamwork and cooperation
  • quick progress

Thank you for your partnership with us!  We’ll keep you informed as progress is made.

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