October update

I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by (and I bet most of you feel the same). Life has a way of speeding up and at least for us this month it’s been all good. Here are a few highlights from Keynote.

GLAMMM in Singapore

Two years ago, Keynote was able to host our first International Summit for dialoguing about music and creative communications as ministry. Last week, Keynote’s Singapore-based counterpart hosted the second one! About 30 CCC staff from 15+ countries attended the Global Leaders in Arts, Music and Media Ministries conference. They were able to worship, share ideas, and build relationships that will help them grow their ministries around the globe with more fruitfulness.

After flight troubles that caused them to travel from LA to Singapore through Paris (44 hours of travel), Chris Zaugg, Keynote’s Director, had the opportunity to share about ministry planning and Chris Kellum, International Director, shared about partnership. Both had lots of good conversations with other leaders who want to learn, share, and explore next steps.

Inmates, Soldiers and Romanians

blue sky nine
This month alone, bsn has been all over the map. They went to Ft. Knox and performed for 1100 basic training recruits, seeing 21 decisions for Christ! Then they went on a three-prison mini-tour where 325 inmates heard the gospel, 13 indicated a first-time decision to trust Christ and more than 24 said they wanted to talk more with someone about a relationship with God.

Then, with only a few days to do laundry, they packed their bags and headed to Romania for a seven-city outreach tour (October 7-25.) The concerts have been well attended, with hundreds of people being exposed to the gospel. At a few of the shows, the Campus Crusade hosts estimated that close to 95% of the audience were unbelievers. One show yielded more than 100 comment cards with all but two of them indicating an interest in further contact from the hosts!

Vision Event 2010

Vision Event
On November 6, Keynote will be hosting our annual Vision event, highlighting how we’ve seen God move this year! We’d love to have you all here personally (and if you’re in the area and want to come, please let us know!!!), but Karl will be broadcasting the event live, and you won’t want to miss it. Tune in to www.keynoteconnection.org at 7:20 pm to join in and catch the vision!

Please pray for the Keynote staff as they seek to see God direct the event while they work hard to make it happen (and pray for the internet broadcast to go smoothly, since that’s Karl’s job). God bless you!

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