August Update

Love and Marriage… Love and Marriage…

We’ve been thinking a lot about marriages lately. We’ve watched several people we know get engaged this summer, and seen them seek to build strong, healthy relationships from the start. We’ve also seen other marriages that have hit bumps in the road or have even fallen apart.

No one is immune to troubles, and as Christians we need to regularly and repeatedly seek God in growing our marriages, not tearing them down.

One tool Campus Crusade offers to all of us is the FamilyLife Marriage Conferences. The Weekend to Remember emphasizes a commitment to God’s timeless blueprints for marriage, communi-cation and commitment, romance and resolving conflict. Projects help couples focus on each other and resources are available to take home with you to continue the process.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway for you and your spouse, or find yourself living a life of isolation in your marriage…if you want to point a hurting couple toward help…if you would like to be catalysts for family or friends or church members in equipping homes to be all that God intends… go to You will find dates and locations and lots of other info there.


Statistics show one in every two marriages fail. Divorce touches us all.

Is God bringing to mind a couple or family in need of help?

Might you be that couple? Does your marriage seem headed down the wrong track?

Are you financially able to scholarship a couple in distress who cannot afford the cost of the conference?

Can you be that person in your church or business that organizes a group to attend a local conference?

Are you blessed with a terrific marriage? Thank the Lord now for your spouse!!

Our Family

Anja at 9has had a lot to be thankful for. Anja just started 3rd grade this month and turned 9 yesterday! We love this blessing of a young lady God has entrusted to us and are praying for wisdom as we seek to teach her how to connect with God personally and grow to love Him, not just His blessings (something we keep working on ourselves). We are thankful for 12 years of marriage as well and for the privilege of serving God with Keynote these last couple of years. And so we are grateful for your partnership with us! God bless you all!

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