November Update

Hey, Y’all!? With today being the last day of school before Thanksgiving break our house is full of thankful energy!? Seriously, though, we have so many things to be thankful for and wanted to share just a few of them with you.

First and foremost, we are thankful for our Lord.? Every earthly and spiritual blessing we all experience comes from Him.? Every comfort in trials, every hope for the future, and we want to honor Him by acknowledging that He is truly worthy of our loyalty and respect.

Next most dear to our hearts is our family.? I am so thankful to have a husband who has chosen to love the sometimes very unlovable me as Christ has loved the church.? I am so thankful to have the privilege of mothering our little girl and see God grow her into the young lady He is developing her to be.

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim

And we are so thankful to have been given the privilege of serving God with Campus Crusade for Christ for all these years.? We recently learned that Dr. Joon Gon Kim, our national director for Korea for over 40 years, had passed away.? This man barely lived through two wars and suffered greatly, yet he grew with God to become one of the most outstanding Christian leaders Korea (and the world) has ever seen.

The effects of his faith and leadership and God’s Spirit resulted in 100,000 people committing to being involved in missions at the World Evangelism Crusade in 1980.? In 2001, a survey was done and discovered that 80 percent of all people working in missions departments of Korean churches had been involved in Korea Campus Crusade for Christ.? God chooses to show His power when His people act in faith and Dr. Kim has left a great legacy of faith for all of us to follow.

The last thing I’ll share is how thankful we are for you!? God uses you to provide for our family and enable us to serve with Campus Crusade for Christ.? We can’t say often enough how grateful we are for your generosity to provide for our financial needs, for all of your prayer cover and the encouragement we receive every time we think of you.? We pray God would bless you with every spiritual blessing as He has promised and that you, too, will see God work a legacy of faith in your lives.

In light of that, we wanted to offer a gift of sorts to those of you who are married.? In the past we’ve sent out brochures for our FamilyLife Conferences (Weekend to Remember).? The reality is that marriage can be a lot of work sometimes, and we are concerned for how many Christians are throwing in the towel.? Whether yours is doing great or on the rocks or anywhere in between, this kind of conference can be a great time for you to really connect with each other and see God work in your lives. FamilyLife is allowing us to offer to our supporters the opportunity to attend these conferences at a discount and so we couldn’t pass up sharing it with you! You can attend for only $69/person — almost half off the regular rate. There are over 100 conferences across the U.S.? Contact us if you’re interested in the promotional code.? Your marriage is worth it!

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