October Update

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Thank you to everyone who prayed for my trip to Turkey for MinistryNet last week – it was great!

It was inspiring to gather with 166 people from 37 countries on 5 continents to talk about how the Internet can be used to spread the gospel.? I enjoyed conversations with new friends from India, Singapore, Poland, Germany, the UK, Norway, France, and more.

Roman ruins at Perge (photo by Mick Haupt)

Roman ruins at Perge (photo by Mick Haupt)

I especially appreciated the emphasis on integrating Internet-based tools with traditional ministry.? It’s not about the new replacing the old.? One leader said that our focus needs to be on “reaching real people in the real world who have real needs using virtual, online methods”.

Our CTO Keith Seabourn says, “This conference was a special time for me.? God reminded me that when I was asked to step into the Chief Technology Officer role in 2001, I asked God what he would have me work towards.? I wrote down 4 things.? One was ‘Identifying emerging leaders with a pioneering/ entrepreneurial spirit who are willing to claim a part of the Internet world for Christ.’? This conference was part of God’s gift to me to see it happening.”

Next comes Keynote’s annual Vision Dinner on Saturday, November 7.? We wish you all could be here!? Last year’s was amazing.? Please consider watching it online beginning at 7:30pm at www.keynoteconnection.org (click on “Vision Dinner 2009”).? It will be an exciting time of hearing about what God is doing through Keynote!

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