August Update

social-iconsAre any of these images familiar to you?? If they are, you’ve had at least a taste of “Social Networking”.? Social networking is just another way to connect with people via the Internet.? Some of the services, like Flickr and YouTube, focus on the “stuff” that’s being shared (photos and videos, respectively).? Other services, like facebook and twitter, focus on sharing what you’re doing with your friends.

Many people (even friends of mine) think that social networking is a waste of time.? The bottom line for me is that people are connecting and sharing what is important with them.? There are more than 250 million active facebook users!? If we can figure out how to use these tools to connect people with Jesus, we will be “making the most of every opportunity.” (Col. 4:5)

That’s why it’s so exciting that God brought us to Keynote at this time.? Campus Crusade’s leadership has asked Keynote to help coordinate the use of social networking in ministry.? We’re still trying to figure out how to do that, but it’s an exciting time to be here!? People are calling the Internet the “8th continent”, and we want to find ways to reach the people that spend so much of their time there.

This doesn’t mean that Keynote will stop ministering via music.? We are organizing ourselves into three outreach efforts:? bands and artists, creative communications and training, and virtual (Internet) ministry.

If you want a better explanation of social networking, check out Social Networking in Plain English.

p.s.? ? We have a great opportunity for you!? Every November Keynote invites anyone who is part of our ministry or interested in it to join us for our Vision Dinner, a time of sharing what God has done through Keynote.? We have found this type of event, just like our Christmas Conferences for students and our Staff Conference in Colorado, to be an amazing time for encouraging us and increasing our vision for how God is moving.? If you can possibly be in Westfield, Indiana on November 7, please let us know, because we don’t want you to miss it!? This year’s theme is Igniting Life Change v2.0: Reaching the 8th Continent.

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