July Update

Greetings, once again, from Indiana.? We have finally returned from a full and fulfilling summer in Colorado.? Here is a tour in pictures of our adventures…

Keynote and Impact pictureThe summer started out with the Keynote Summer Project.? Forty-two students participated.? God’s classroom for each of them involved faith risk to stand before their peers and tell their story as part of their communication training.? Some of those stories became part of the concerts and helped set the stage for the gospel message.

Not only did our students take life-altering steps of faith, but more than 8,000 people heard the gospel through the four Keynote bands and two Impact bands during their outreach tours.? 812 people responded to the gospel and gave their lives to Christ!? We were especially excited to hear that some of the staff and students led a door-to-door salesman to Christ in our house this summer while we were away in Colorado!

Moby pictureAt Campus Crusade’s US Staff Conference in Colorado, the theme was “Connect”.? The main messages focused on connecting with God, connecting ourselves and others with the Gospel, and connecting with partners to fulfill the Great Commission.

The picture to the left shows Moby Gym on the campus of Colorado State University in the midst of being transformed into our meeting place.? Screens will cover the scoreboards, a stage will be built, more screens will be hung over the stage, and dozens of lights will be hung.

And here it is, full of Campus Crusade staff worshiping God.? My favorite part of the conference was getting to hear from Pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.? His first message reminded us of the wonder of the Gospel – we haven’t just been forgiven of our sins; justification means that we have the righteousness of Christ!

Moby picture 2Pastor Keller also spoke about what it means to be a messenger of the Gospel, and about ministering to the poor.? There was enough in those messages to keep me busy thinking for a long time, and that was only a small part of the conference.

Thank you so much for the part you play in our ministry.? You had a hand this summer in encouraging most of the US staff of Campus Crusade for Christ.? Many of them will serve more effectively and enthusiastically because of the training they received this summer.

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