April Update

How are you?? Around here things have been busy so I’m betting you’ve had a similar month.? We started the month by heading to Florida.? Anja had spring break, but Karl used the time to do preparation work for the computer systems out in Colorado this summer.? So we had family time, time with friends we miss, and got a lot done all at the same time!

We’re not the only ones who’ve been busy.? We’ve had our bands out touring.? Blue Sky Nine was “in prison”.? Keynote likes to serve other ministries when possible, so this was a great opportunity.? Band leader Scott Naylor said, “The ‘Weekend of Champions’ effort put ministry teams at 9 different facilities throughout Central Kansas, and for the weekend, over 600 inmates indicated a first-time commitment to trusting and following Jesus, and over 400 indicated a re-dedication. We’re thrilled to have been part of that.”

Meanwhile our other band, Giants of Silence, headed to Europe.? They’ve performed in 3 countries to locals and to our servicemen at some of the bases and seen God at work (even down to keeping the lead singer able to sing despite being sick most of the trip). After one particularly unusual concert in Germany with mostly non believers, Ethan Ehrstine said,? “At the end of the night 2 people indicated decisions to receive Christ, any 16 purchased CDs (which all contain the gospel) and many, many more took our little mini-posters (which also have the gospel printed on them).? It was a great night!!”? I’ve got to tell you, for that to happen in Germany is wonderful!

The Boyds took time out of touring to speak at another Family Life marriage conference in Seattle.? 354 people attended and 46 of them received Christ that weekend.? Comment cards shared of marriages that were “over” now being willing to change and grow together again.? God is so good!

Our solo artists have been touring as well, but I’m running out of room since I want to let you know what’s coming and what needs prayer.? For Keynote, the biggest things happening are the Golf Challenge and the Summer Project.? The Golf challenge is where golfers get sponsors for their playing 100 holes of golf in a day.? Please pray for all the details of these events (one in California and one in Indiana in May) to go well and for God to provide for the financial needs of Keynote despite the economy.

The summer project is where college kids come for the summer and learn how to do ministry Keynote style.? We have 4 different bands forming this year (plus two Impact Movement bands for the African American community) and one film team.? It is such a great way to minister, but to be honest, the biggest work is in the lives of the students themselves.? This is one of those places God works to set their course for Him and so I would ask for prayer for the students to fall madly in love with their Father and for Him to grow them in great and lasting ways.

Lastly, we will be heading to Colorado to work with the Conference Team again this summer! I can’t believe we’ll be heading out in a month.? Conference team does all the behind the scenes work that makes it possible for all kinds of trainings (New staff, Leadership, Bible classes, etc.) to take place in one location, culminating with our biannual all Staff Conference.? Karl, of course, works with the tech guys.? I’ve been asked to organize the New staff Training worship team.? We’d love your prayers for us to be healthy and serve well this summer.? Thanks so much for being our “behind the scenes” team.? You make our ministry a reality!

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