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Sorry that this got posted so late!

Holly Reconnects with Student from Fall Concert in Iowa

Holly sings in our band blue sky nine and was working at one of our College Christmas conferences when this happened…

I knew I’d see some old friends at the conference in Minneapolis, but I didn’t expect to see her…I first met Dania at a concert we played on her campus in September.? She came up to talk with me after our show and had lots of questions about God. We had a great conversation— I told her my story and told her how she could know Jesus, too.? She didn’t pray with me to receive Christ that night, and I wasn’t sure I’d ever see her again or if she’d ever become a believer.? Then I found myself standing next to her in a hotel elevator in Minneapolis.? She asked me if I had time to talk again.? We found some empty chairs in the lobby and chatted like old friends.

What you told me that night really made a difference in my life.? When you said that God knows every hair on my head, that made me think that God must really love me.? I went home and prayed that night [to receive Christ].? ? I thought there would be a miracle and everything would suddenly become easy, but actually in some ways life got harder…

I try to talk to some of my friends about God, but now they think I am weird or something.? But then I think about the cross and how Jesus suffered for us, and then I think it’s not so bad…I started studying the Bible with other girls on my campus, and I really want to help reach out to my campus and tell my friends and family about God.

Isn’t that a great story?? And while we’re on the subject of conferences, here’s another story that we love especially because of how technology was used directly by God to change someone’s heart…

Mike Rebholz – Though receiving lyrics for the projector system only three hours prior to a concert was stressful, God allowed Mike to see how his role mattered at the Impact Conference (ministering to African Americans).? ? Later Tia (one of the MC’s) came up to Mike and asked, “Did Aaron tell you that one of the kids brought a friend of his who said as he was reading the lyrics on screen he realized he needed to receive Christ?”

Mike is free to do work like this because Karl came to Keynote (as a skilled tech, Mike was called on to help out with computer troubles regularly, which took a lot of time away from his assigned ministry).? And Karl loves doing it.? He’s been doing a lot of creative upgrading – making things better on as little money as possible.? Meanwhile, I have been plugging in to the Human Resources department, which I’m pleased to be able to do, mostly serving by caring for staff needs (personal or helping with events).? Thank YOU for being our team!? Just as Karl serves Mike, you serve us through your prayers and support and we are blessed and thankful!

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