October update

Sorry that this is late!? We started Keynote new staff training yesterday, and had some international staff staying with us for several days before that.? Here’s the letter that Liesl wrote and we sent out in the regular mail last week…

Hey y’all!? We’ve had so much neat stuff happening I didn’t know where to start.? Over the last month, Keynote artists have been traveling to various parts of the U.S. with stops at military installations, juvenile detention centers, college campuses, high school settings as well as a few community events. More than 1300 people indicated a decision to begin a relationship with Jesus as a result of the 38 events during the month of September alone!? Here’s an abbreviated “news feed” of what Keynote has seen God do in October so far:

10/1/08:? “One of our most memorable concerts was at a substance abuse center called Teen Challenge in Maryland.? During the show something amazing happened.? When Robert shared his testimony, a lady started screaming at the top of her lungs. “John!? John!” We could hear the desperation in her voice and everyone started looking around trying to see what was wrong.? Seconds later a few men took off running toward the street.? The lady was screaming because her little boy lost control of himself while running downhill toward oncoming traffic, and she was too far away to catch him.? But for some reason, the boy suddenly stopped a few feet away from the road.? We believe it was God who kept that child from his certain death.? This concert was an on-time reminder of God’s ultimate sacrifice for us.? How, like the child, we are running towards our certain death but our loving and gracious God stepped in to save us.? We praise God upon every remembrance of this powerful, real-world illustration of His love for us.”? Impact Band

10/8/08:? “The neat thing about partnering with this small campus was that their administration actually came to the Cru group and asked them to plan some events for homecoming!? In our experience as students involved and staff with the campus ministry, this was completely astonishing and totally worth us driving all the way.? As a cool side note, the student leader of Cru got elected as Homecoming King!” Blue Sky Nine

10/26/08:? “We wanted you to know the [Family Life Marriage] conference ended up going INCREDIBLY well!? Not only did my voice completely come back, but we heard from the conference team that 47 people out of the 500 who attended indicated a decision to receive Christ! “ The Boyds (family band with Keynote and speakers at CCC marriage conferences)

Pretty great, huh?!? And there’s more.? Not only do we see God at work here in the U.S., but many of our partner ministries are seeing amazing things happen in their spheres of influence. We have the unique opportunity to gather some of these leaders for the first International Directors’ Summit at our facility in Westfield, Indiana. On November 1st, over 25 leaders from 12 countries (such as Brazil, South Africa, Germany and Australia among others) will join together for this historic event. This four day summit will allow us to explore how we can work together to use training and creative outreaches to help build impassioned spiritual movements in many countries around the world.

Karl and I are excited to be hosting a couple from South Africa while they attend the Summit.? We will also be diving into Keynote’s new staff training for most of the month of November, so you can pray for good health and energy to stay high as we add a lot to our schedules for the next few weeks.? Please pray for the Summit, as well, since so many people will be traveling to get here and will need to function in their second language and be healthy to get the most out of this time.? Pray that God would work “beyond our imagining” in what flows out of this time.? God bless you!

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