August update

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the three busy stonemasons. ? When asked what they were doing, the first said, “laying stones”. ? The second said, “building a wall”. ? The final one said, “building a cathedral for the glory of God!”

When I’m sitting at my computer, I often need to remind myself that I’m reaching people with the gospel, for God’s glory. ? That’s where we find our motivation, and where we try to focus in these newsletters, also. ? But this time I’d like to tell you about two stones that I’ve laid since coming to Keynote…

When I arrived, I found that the main computers had battery backup (UPS), but that the battery backup systems were not adequate for what was plugged into them. ? There were a lot of lightning storms this spring and summer, and one computer had rebooted over 20 times due to power problems. ? One of my first projects was to install a bigger battery backup unit and program the systems to shut down automatically when the building power has been out for a while. ? This is a huge safety net for our important information.

Keynote was backing up most our important files each night in case the main computers crashed, but there were several crucial files that were not being backed up. ? Also, the backups were not being stored offsite, which is an important step in case the main office suffers fire or storm damage. ? We’re now backing up everything and keeping a copy offsite.

My next big task is to come up with a strategic plan for technology at Keynote, and to propose a budget. ? Please pray that God would grant me wisdom—I need it!

Thank you so much for your prayers during this time of transition. ? We are really enjoying life in Indiana and our new friends and church. ? Anja is enjoying school, and just had a fun birthday weekend with my family visiting. ? Please continue to pray that we would organize our lives well as we get involved in small groups and more activities for Anja.


Final Keynote Summer Project report:

  • 8 teams — 7 bands and 1 short film team.
  • We traveled 23,407 miles.
  • We had 93 concerts.
  • We saw 13,090 men, women, and children hear about Christ.
  • The angels rejoiced over the 349 new decisions for Christ.

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