June Update

Hey, Y’all!

This is my first time writing from Indiana.? As you can tell by the “y’all”, I’m not totally acclimated to being a Hoosier yet, but we are so happy to be here.? Some praises include:

  • safe travel for us all as we drove across the country.? We knew the furniture wouldn’t come quickly, so we took a slower pace and let Anja have her first Smoky Mountains experience as well as Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.
  • When we got here, Anja was able to jump right in to the same VBS program she had to miss when we left Florida!? What a blessing for her to have fun with kids learning about God that first week here.
  • Our stuff was delayed but finally got here this past Monday and so far almost nothing’s been broken 😉
  • Our Florida house just closed on Thursday!!!? What a huge blessing.

We’ve been keeping very busy between Karl working at the office and both of us working hard at settling in and learning where to find things here in town (Karl’s already a regular at Lowes).? We still need to study for our drivers’ license tests, and a bunch of other stuff, so you could pray for good time management and prioritizing for both of us.? Also, Karl brought a cold home and gave it to me, so we’d love to get better without needing to put finding a doctor 1st on our list of things to do.

Now for some of what’s happening at Keynote!? I was going to write this myself, but this e-mail we got said it better so here goes…

First, Keynote is a crazy place these days!? As I write, we have 2 bands rehearsing and preparing music for overseas trips – one heading to New Zealand and one to Israel!? Yesterday (June 17th), 75 students arrived to begin what we hope will be one of the greatest adventures of their lives.? Keynote will have 5 bands (plus a media team and a film team), Impact will have 2 bands… here we go!

Think about this for a moment: last summer we shared the Gospel with nearly 6000 people and saw 248 indicated decisions for Christ – with only 5 bands.? With 7 bands heading out this summer (11 including the international teams and the office teams), we can only wonder what God might do! PLEASE be praying for God to do amazing things and change many lives this summer – ours as well as those with whom we share the Gospel.

Our welcome dinner was with the summer project students.? One of the bands, called Destino, focuses on reaching the Latin community and I discovered that one of the students goes to UF (Go Gators!) and another, Andrea, is here from Argentina and is the product of ministry of a couple of friends of mine who were CCC staff at UF when I was a student.? Later they moved to Argentina and the rest is history.? ? Who knows what lasting fruit will come from these students this summer?

Thanks for your love and support for us in so many ways.? God bless you!

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