On the Move!

Keynote Office

We are finally on the move! It’s been five months of Orlando house prep, showing, support raising, and packing, and the end is here. The picture above is the Keynote office in Westfield, Indiana, where I (Karl) am writing this letter and waiting to close the deal on our new Indiana home on June 6.

After closing and a few days of working on the house, I’ll fly back to Orlando for some final packing and then the movers will arrive on June 11. Liesl, Anja, and I will say goodbye to our Orlando home and take our minivan north.

HouseWe’d appreciate your prayers for the travel and all of the other details—it has already been an adventure. Last Wednesday, Liesl and I left Orlando at 6:44am in our Chevy Prizm and planned to drive 16 hours straight to southern Indianapolis. We had just made it into southern Indiana when the oil pressure light started flickering and then lit steadily. We had enough oil and were not overheating, but decided that it was not worth losing the engine to make it to our hotel. We drove a few more miles and then got a different hotel for the night. The next morning, AAA towed the car to a mechanic near the Keynote office, and we were able to borrow a car for the day. We made it to our new house orientation meeting, which went well. We’re thankful that the car trouble didn’t cause more problems.

Please pray:

  1. that we would remember all of the details that need to be taken care of in Florida and Indiana, and not be affected too much by stress.
  2. for a smooth transition for Anja.
  3. for safe travel.
  4. for the sale of our Orlando house to complete soon (buyer financing has been delayed).

Thank you for your partnership with us in this adventure!

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