April Update

We’ve got so much going on and are happy to say that God is pulling the details of our lives together better than we could have imagined.? There’s so much to say thank you for, from getting a contract on our FL house in 5 weeks (and having God “move a mountain”? that would have ended the deal), to our Indiana house being well on the way to completion to our support needs being down to only $155 a month left out of $1200! We will be leaving Orlando in the beginning of June and will be Indianans by mid month!? ? Just pray for us that we would keep God as our focus and not all the flurry of activity leaving brings.

Once again we’ve been getting incredible emails to pray and praise God for and this one was particularly good.? We met Rasool when we were in the office a few months ago.? He works with The Impact Movement, a partner ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ that is reaching out to the African American community.? We hope you will be as encouraged to pray and praise with us after hearing this story!

Thanks so much for your prayers for us while on the road. God answered them big time.

The scenario was more challenging than I imagined. The debauchery and sin that filled the streets were unlike anything I’d seen in person. It was so raunchy on the street we couldn’t even bring Ire’Ana (our 10-year old daughter) outside the hotel. But in the midst of darkness God moved.

Not only did we get to do both sets for an hour at the times we were told, God gave us favor with the hip-hop promoter, Ali, who had called me about us having 20 minutes to perform. He was cordial, and accommodating the whole time! He even told people to check out our concert!

We were supposed to go on @ 7:30p. It started raining @ 5pm. They thought about canceling the night’s concerts. They decided to wait it out. It stopped. We went on and saw lightning all around us, winds picking up – but no rain! It was like that the whole concert! By the end of the set Ali’s crew of hip-hop deejays were all on their feet clapping to our songs! Right after we were done and had put half the stuff in the trailer, rain came down hard and fast! Amazing!

Totals from both concerts:
83 comment cards collected
19 decisions to receive Christ
12 interested in talking to someone
5 led to Christ after outreach concert

The next evening, Ali called me back asking if we might be available to do a concert in June in Alabama where he’s from! We can’t do it b/c of schedule, but look @ that turn around.

We are truly grateful for all that occurred. Thanks again,

Thanks for praying for Rasool and his band and the people they are able to reach.? God bless!

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