February update

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Wow!? I got to write you all on Leap Day!? Karl and I were glad for the extra day this year, since our house goes on the market on Monday and we needed every extra day we could get to fix up the place.? We’re tired and sore, but it’s almost ready.? Yay!

We’ve been getting Keynote band prayer updates and we’ve gotten so many good ones, I couldn’t decide at first what to share with you in our limited space.? The first one was from a couple we met from the office, who had this to share:

? Lindsay and I are here in Dallas recruiting for Keynote at the Dallas Winter Conference.? Last night a guy named Steven walked up to me while I was standing at our booth and asked if Blue Sky Nine was a part of our ministry.? I affirmed him that BSN is our acoustic rock band and asked if he had seen them sometime.? His response was, “Yeah – that’s actually why I’m a Christian now.”

He said a friend who was a part of Campus Crusade on his campus invited him to a concert.? ? He wasn’t into anything on the spiritual level, but loved music and decided to attend with his friend.? He enjoyed the show and afterwards ended up talking to Michael Shumann – one of our intern vocalists from last year.? Michael shared the 4 Spiritual Laws with him and Steven gave his life to Christ.

Now Steven is at the Dallas Winter Conference, growing and being challenged in his faith, and even considering missions opportunities for the future.? God is changing lives all around us!

Please take this opportunity to praise God for Steven, and to pray for God to prepare the way for our bands’ spring touring season.? There are a lot of students just like Steven out there, lost and waiting to hear Great News of hope at our upcoming concerts.? ? ? -Benton

This same group is touring from now until mid March through Egypt!? And the most recent prayer request was for a guitar lost by the airline.? So please pray for them.? We also have mentioned the Boyds, a family band who have toured internationally with great response.? They are taking some time off as a band for the boys to be at home for a while and for the parents to be able to do talks at our FamilyLife marriage conferences.? ? ? Bruce sent some incredible updates:

A few highlights from the conference . . . with the new format, my favorite part of the weekend is an audience sharing time in the last session where couples grab a mic and talk briefly about the impact of our time together.? Several got up to share publicly how they came into the weekend planning divorce, but were leaving recommitted to one another.? Another husband realized that his anger was tearing their marriage apart and he purposed to his wife that he never wanted to do that to her again.? A wife shared that her marriage had gotten so desperate that she began considering a handgun to take her own life – but that this weekend had restored their relationship . . . and on the stories went.? I think God answered your prayers!? ? It was such a thrill to be a part of seeing the Lord work so powerfully, and knowing you were playing a big part in these changed lives.? Awesome.

I am so excited that we will be able to contribute to these people’s ministries and be a part of God’s work in this way!? Please be praying for Keynote staff to be open to God’s leading in each new circumstance and pray that many would come to know Him and have their lives changed.? God bless you!

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