November update

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Happy Thanksgiving! I know it has passed but since we’ve got lots to be thankful for, today’s still Thanksgiving Day for us. We are official now! As of January 1 we will be part of Keynote’s staff! Just to show you a bit about why we’re so excited about this, read this excerpt we got from the Boyd family. They (mom, dad and 3 teenage sons) tour and play together and are presently in North Africa/Middle east.

Thanks for praying… so far we’ve seen almost 600 students indicate decisions to commit their lives to Jesus! Brandon, Shaun and Ryan have been doing a GREAT job with their speaking and sharing the gospel – God is really working through them. 🙂

Please continue praying b/c the political situation here is still very volatile. Everywhere we go there are tanks and heavily armed soldiers on the streets and corners…

Here are a few excerpts from students’ comment cards…

“This program is one of the best I’ve ever seen b/c it affected me very deeply. They used music that is one of the most intelligent ways to enter the human being’s inside. I thank you for your concert b/c it wake-up Jesus Christ in our hearts!”

“This program is really amazing. It’s nice to meet faithful Americans. Personally, I changed my opinion about American people.”

“I found Jesus in their songs, their spirits – the only band that was sing (sic) for Jesus. They gave me faith…”

It was very nice and full of passion. I loved it. It brings hope and happiness to the heart.

“This program was good b/c he is talking about our personal life, and how much God loves us…

“… They really renewed my spirit and soul.”

“Where are you God?”

We’re so grateful for your prayer cover. The remaining schedule contains multiple concerts each day for the rest of this week, followed by a very large community outreach concert on Saturday (which will be televised).

Isn’t God good? We’ve always been thankful to be in any part of Campus Crusade’s ministry, but we are looking forward to moving into our new place within CCC. I love that it combines my first two ministry choices, music and international! Roll that together with Karl’s great tech skills and we’ve got it all 🙂

But before we transition out of ITG, we have some praises and prayers. Many of the guys worked an excessive number of hours over Thanksgiving battling some serious system failures (Thankfully, Karl wasn’t involved in those systems 🙂 ) Praise that after a week of almost round the clock work, they got it all fixed. Please pray for all the crucial systems that need to work especially well with things like extra donations processing being done before the end of the year deadlines, not to mention all those people needing access to websites to tell them about who Jesus really is during the Christmas season. Please pray for rest and peace for our staff, fruitful labor for those that use the computer systems, and salvation for many to come as a result.

On a personal note, our praises would include God smoothing the way before us a bit by having us “stumble” into a great housing option in Indiana. The icing on the cake was discovering that the school Anja will attend has a strong emphasis on visual arts (Anja is serious about her art, so this feels like God answering our prayers with “more than we can imagine”). We may also have a buyer for our home in FL! In this market, that’s beyond amazing. Please thank God with us and pray for His will in selling our home and moving to Indiana. We do plan to keep at least Anja and me in FL through May so she can go to school while we transition out of our jobs here and into full-time support raising before diving into new roles with Keynote. To answer a question we’ve been getting, Keynote is part of Campus Crusade for Christ, so we will continue to work for CCC and raise support to enable us to serve with them in this new capacity. Your giving will not need to change in any way to continue to meet our needs. Thank you all so much! God bless you with much to thank Him for.

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