Pray for the Persecuted Church

Next Sunday, November 11, is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Open Doors USA is offering a free kit of materials to promote knowledge about and prayer for persecuted Christians around the world. It’s too late to order a kit this year, but you can still participate in several ways:

  • Watch the videos online with your family or small group. I posted the two main videos from the kit’s DVD on Youtube (with Open Door’s permission). They’re embedded below. Secret Believers talks about the importance of prayer and access to God’s Word for persecuted Christians, and tells how you can give to provide Bibles. The Alexander Video tells the story of a man who was sustained by God’s miraculous power in a Soviet labor camp when people prayed.
  • Download some of the other Day of Prayer online materials to use with your family or small group.
  • Pray
  • Give to the mission of Open Doors.

Just to be clear, Open Doors is not affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ. I’m writing about them because they’re another great ministry serving the body of Christ.

Secret Believers (4 minutes, 24 seconds):

The Alexander Video (6 minutes, 48 seconds):

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