August update

(This letter is also available as a pdf here)

Hey, y’all! We are back in Orlando and even starting to feel closer to being caught up after our summer away. Thank you all again for supporting us in our adventure in Colorado. It’s such a privilege to be able to serve all of our U.S. staff in more personal ways every other summer.

Anja first day of KindergartenNow that we’re back, we’re diving back into our Orlando lives. For Anja, that means…Kindergarten! She started last week and likes it (and I’m okay now, too ;-). She is also about to turn 6 and is almost 4 feet tall. I marvel daily at the young lady in our house now.

As for me, I’ve been in lunch meetings galore catching up with ministry activities, especially our women’s times for ITG. We’ve had a number of women with great ideas jump in while I wasn’t doing so well and now we have a team moving things forward better than I was ever able to on my own. God is good! We hope to see a wide variety of ministry opportunities open up for our women. I’ve also begun infertility treatments again and could use prayers for that and for my emotions as well.

Karl is back at work and is actually at a training time today. He was also able to attend a leadership conference recently that gave him increased vision for technology as ministry and he was really encouraged by that. We’ve gotten to talk with techs in a number of ministries recently and I’m increasingly amazed at how many people are using the Internet to research major life questions. One Internet ministry with Campus Crusade is having 4000 decisions for Christ every day! Every day! God is so good.

Thank you all for your many ways of caring for us, not the least of which is prayer. We are grateful to have a team of people making our ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ possible. We pray that God would bless you in your lives and ministries and grow you in your love of Him as well.

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