CM2007 is happening right now–please pray

CM2007 logoThanks to Bill for the reminder…

Right now, approximately 15,000 college students from around the world are meeting in Busan, South Korea for Campus Crusade’s first ever Global Student Missions Conference (June 20-July 6).

Currently, ministries or groups with some form of Christian influence are at approximately 2,000 of the world’s top 8,000 campuses which are considered to be the most influential.

At CM2007, Campus Crusade staff members and student leaders will commit to reach the remaining 6,000 most influential campuses that do not have an active Christian ministry.

And specifically, within one year of the conference, the hope is that 365 new campus movements would be started–one for every day of the year.

Let’s pray that God changes lives and expands His Kingdom through this conference. More prayer requests and live video are available on the web site.

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