May update

(this is getting posted late, but the prayer requests are still current!? You can also find a pdf of this newsletter here)

Hello from Ft. Collins!? After four days of travel we made it here safely a couple of days ago.? Thank you for praying for us.? Anja did better than she thought she would, and we had some nice visits with families we stayed with along the way.
Karl and the tech guys are busy now trying to set up all the computer needs for the office and computer lab as well as connecting remote locations like childcare.? One problem they are having is that they have 120 laptops to set up and each one is taking more time than they expected.

He and the team are also busy getting wireless networking and printers set up and working for the rest of the conference team to use when they arrive on Monday.? And, of course, Karl’s been troubleshooting Internet problems for the Orlando office as well.? All that to say Karl has a lot going on and we would love your prayers for the details to come together without too much difficulty.

As for Anja and me, we’ve been enjoying spending time with another family here at the hotel before we move into the apartments next week.? Lots of time with other kids is one of the many things we are thankful for when we serve in Colorado every other year.? Once things are up and running, Anja will be able to go to kids camp (childcare, but a lot more fun) and I’ll be able to volunteer as I’m able to meet needs in the office.

That leads me to my prayer request.? I’ve had an unusually high amount of physical troubles (aches from head to knee and everywhere in between) as well as mystery allergies, so I’m at a loss as to what to do to feel better.? I would really like to be able to be active and contribute well this summer, so I’d appreciate prayers for a return of good health (or at least wisdom to know what the trouble is).? Thank you all so much.

We’ll keep you posted as to how this summer goes.? It’s always such a great time of spiritual growth or renewing of vision for many of our staff (including us personally) and so our biggest prayer of all is that everyone who comes to Ft. Collins this summer would be blessed by our care and ushered into a special time with God.? God bless you all this summer, too!

p.s.? Our mail is forwarded, and our telephone number also rings here.? Colorado is two hours behind Orlando, so please don’t call before 10am Eastern.

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