February update

This letter is available as a .pdf here.


I’m very encouraged by what’s been happening lately with Campus Crusade’s ministry on the Internet. We’ve written previously about http://www.everystudent.com/, where students can explore questions about life and God and can respond to the gospel. Last Fall there were about 300,000 visits per month to the site. The EveryStudent.com team has been challenged to figure out how to get 1 million visits per month.

What happens when someone responds to the Gospel? Recently a new site was launched called StartingWithGod.com. This site is full of articles to help build a new Christian’s faith, and offers to connect the new Christian with a volunteer via email. People who responded to Campus Crusade’s full page USA Today Super Bowl ad were also directed to this site.

What about all the non-English speakers of the world? EveryStudent.com has turned into a family of web sites that is expanding all the time. The latest addition is EveryStudent.ro (Romanian). KazdyStudent.pl (Polish) and SekojStudent.com (Macedonian) will soon be launched.

Pray along with us that God would use these sites to take the gospel to the students of the world. And thank you for your prayers for our database team—they recently expanded our main database system to 5 servers, and it’s working well.

Please also continue to pray that God takes us through the grief of miscarriage. We know that He is faithful and loving, but it’s hard.

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