February Update (from Liesl)

Hello! How are you? We are doing well (my surgery went well and I am fine) and Karl and I both had things to share with you, so we decided to each write part of this letter. Here’s Karl.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia. Three of us from the IT Group went there to see how they do things and talk about how we can work together more.

CCC Canada really knows how to use technology for ministry. Their web ministry is called TruthMedia, and you can read about what they’re doing at http://www.truthmedia.com. Last December alone, over 200,000 people were exposed to the gospel through their affiliated sites, and 2,601 indicated that they accepted the gospel or rededicated their lives to Christ.

We can definitely benefit from working together. They have more experience than us in some new server management technologies. And we’re working on communications systems that could lower the telephone costs for Campus Crusade in the US and in Canada. We’re looking forward to more regular communication and stronger relationships between our IT staff.

I wish that I could have had some tourist time in Vancouver, but that didn’t work out. I didn’t even realize that the snow-capped peaks were there just north of the city until the day that we flew back, since it was so foggy and drizzly every day except the last.

Now my turn! Sad to say, I was actually glad Karl didn’t have much fun, because I’ve always wanted to see Vancouver and would have been a bit put out to miss it! God’s got to work on my selfishness a bit more it would seem. While he was gone, however, we had something wonderful happen here at home.
Anja has known about her sin and God’s love and how Jesus died on a cross to pay for that sin and then rose again from the dead. We made it clear to her that it’s not enough to know those things. To have Jesus in her heart meant that she had to want God’s way more than her own. As parents, we didn’t want her to make the decision for us, so we told her not to do it until she wanted to do it for herself and God. Well, last Wednesday she was ready! I do believe that with her 4 year old understanding, she really does want God’s way and did ask him into her life! Please pray with us that she would grow in her new faith and become the woman God wants her to be.
Earlier that week we had also mourned and celebrated the homegoing of my great aunt, Harriet Norton. She was a wonderful example of how to live your life for Christ, regardless of difficult circumstances, age or infirmity. She finished her race well and I can’t imagine how happy she is to be in heaven now, free from the trials of life, enjoying Jesus and other believers. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Please pray for her sons and their families during this time. Thank you all for your love and support of us in ministry and personally. We are truly blessed.

(here’s this update as a pdf )