Summer Project; Watertown visit

On June 23, six eager and talented college students arrived in Indiana for the 2014 Keynote Summer Project. Over the last 20 years Keynote Summer Projects have equipped students to effectively communicate the gospel, taught them to use creative platforms to start spiritual conversations and challenged them to grow in relationship with the Lord. The same will be true this summer. However, these students won’t be in a band and they won’t tour around the country or overseas.


Reed-far left, is a Cru staff kid whose parents and grandparents are coworkers and friends of ours. He came to the U.S. to start college after growing up in Hungary. We’re so glad to have him here this year. Please pray for his adjustment to college and the U.S.

These students with a variety of skills and abilities (music, dance, film, spoken word and more) will work together to create resource tools – from scratch – to help start spiritual conversations about Jesus. Their projects could be anything from a short film or online video to a new and engaging outreach strategy. In fact, Karl, Anja and I worked past midnight yesterday being a part of a video shoot for one of the projects.

Over the next few weeks they will continue brainstorming sessions, Bible study, individual discipleship, communication training, fellowship, outreach opportunities and lots of time to work together on their projects. Please pray for the students and the Keynote staff who are shepherding their hearts and giving leadership to the creative process.

International Communication Training

A few days ago, coworkers Denise DiSarro and Dana Russo will headed to Bulgaria to assist with an English camp hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ. During the camp the students attending (likely unbelievers) will go through our communication training taught by Bulgarian staff members with coaching from Dana and Denise. Dana will teach our story curriculum which has been adapted for a secular audience. We look forward to what God will do in the hearts of the attendees.

We’ll Be in Watertown!

Thanks to a family gathering, all three generations of Bucks will be in the Watertown-Clayton area for a couple days. We will be at Parkside Bible Church Sunday morning August 3 and my parents and we would love to see you there.

Anything Can Talk!

David Pendleton, Keynote comedy ventriloquist, has recently been touring the Midwest with his cast of comedic characters: Aunt Tilly, a lovable but blunt 94-year-old spinster; Mack Elroy, the classic, quick-witted troublemaker; Buford, the dopey yet adorable hound dog; and Vern, the slightly misguided albino vulture.

Making people believe that “anything can talk” is not the only thing that has kept David busy.

“I’m very excited about the opportunities I’ve had to help build a close community among Christian comedians through the Christian Comedy Association. As a board member, I have organized an annual conference that provides a unique chance for people within the Christian comedy community to connect. It’s a great place for us to encourage one another and grow together as we pursue excellence in what God has called us to do.”

In conjunction with Love a Tree Day (May 16), David also launched his new website at “My website has needed an update for far too long. The new site will give people a clear picture of the creative outreach I can offer through my comedy ventriloquist act.”

I (Karl) had the privilege of helping to work on the new site. I and my coworkers Ryan and Karen made sure that the site looks good on different devices like phones and tablets. We learned things about David’s ministry that we’d never heard – check out the inspiring story of how he acquired Mack (it’s a bit hidden – click on “Bio” and then Mack’s icon at the bottom).


This fall David heads to South Africa with a team from Houston Northwest Baptist Church. The team will be doing a series of outreach events in schools, prisons, orphanages, and neighborhoods throughout the region. “It excites me to know that what I offer as a comedy ventriloquist will open the door for those on my team to share the gospel with individuals that they might not otherwise encounter.”

Your partnership with Keynote helps start spiritual conversations in creative ways. Thank you!

Comm Lab update


“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies – in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To Him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.”
1 Peter 4:10-11 (ESV)

This is the theme verse for Comm Lab – a four day intensive communication training Keynote conducts each year in Westfield, IN. At Comm Lab, attendees receive one-on-one training from experienced coaches as well as instruction from communication experts. This year’s 28 participants included Cru staff members, church pastors and community leaders.

Eric Maitlen had this to say about his Comm Lab experience:

My wife Jillian and I lead worship at Mercy Road Church in Carmel, IN and have done music evangelism for the last 10 years across North America, Central America, parts of Europe and Asia. This month we attended Comm Lab for the first time and were blown away by the level of teaching and practical skills training for better communicating the gospel. I found the week to be very challenging as I became aware of and began to break a lot of bad speaking habits I had formed over the years. I also felt as though my eyes were open for the first time to the postmodern mindset that is sweeping our country. There is a way to reach and impact this next generation with the gospel but it will take new methods of communication and evangelism. Thank you Keynote for using your time, resources and manpower to equip me and so many other harvest workers to become more effective evangelists in 2014!

As you can see, Keynote’s Comm Lab was a great success. Karl helped run tech for the meetings and we even housed one of the participants (who happened to be my close friend-bonus!). As promised, below is another Campus Mid-Year Report excerpt. God is moving! Thank you for being a part of our ministry team.

An Entire Pledge Class

To say it’s rare to find a Christian in the University of Alabama Greek system is an understatement. However, recently a junior in Chi Omega organized an outreach in the football stadium to this year’s pledge class. Over 1,000 pledges heard the gospel!

Ministry updates galore!

There has been so much good God stuff going on I had a hard time picking what to share this month!  Here are a few snapshots.

Family Life Marriage Conference: Attendance at this year’s conference in Appleton, WI had increased 200 since last year, and nearly 700 people were packed into the ballroom when the conference started Friday night.

Your prayers sustained me throughout the weekend, and when it was time to get up and share the gospel Saturday, I was definitely hurting (from a severe back problem), but able to stand upright.  My incredible wife was on Facebook garnering all the prayer support she could.  He definitely heard, because the Spirit of God came on that place.  Evaluations on Sunday revealed that 194 people had received Christ - which was 29% of the audience!

In 17 years of doing these events, we’ve NEVER seen anything like it.  Your prayer was not just a fragrant aroma, it released Divine power that flooded that ballroom!  The enemy was in full retreat!  To God Be ALL The Glory!  – Bruce and Julie Boyd, Keynote

“Thank you so much for the worship!  We don’t get to do this where we live.”

Keynote Worship Bands: Keynote team members heard this from many who attended Cru Global Missions STINT Midyear Conferences. STINT is short for short-term international internship. These interns serve for a year or more all over the world, many of them in countries where it is illegal to worship God in public. This is the first chance they’ve had in six months to worship God out loud!

160 “STINTers” came to Chiang Mai, Thailand from Eastern Asia; 250 Cru staff members traveled to Nerja, Spain from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia; and 50 went to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic from Latin America (20 were unable to attend due to political unrest in Venezuela). Leading worship for these missionaries is an incredible privilege.

Campus Ministry Mid-Year Report:  August 2013 – December 2013

Keynote is a resource ministry with Cru’s Campus Ministry. Karl and other Keynote leaders were recently at a National Campus Leaders’ Meeting when we heard highlights of what God is doing on campuses across the nation and the globe.  Apparently the harvest is really ripe right now, because the numbers of students (and college faculty!) responding to the gospel is way beyond what we’ve seen in recent years. We’ll be sharing bits of these encouraging updates over the next few letters.  I personally was so encouraged, because being a Christian in America feels like it’s becoming more difficult these days.  But I suspect that the worse the struggles on the surface the more God is accomplishing in peoples’ hearts.

5.1 million heard the gospel – 73,931 new believers
15,817 students engaged in evangelism – 2,612 campus ministry locations


Ministry Update

comm lab

Hello! We hope you all have been having a safe and encouraging month despite the polar vortex and all the difficulties it’s brought for so many people. We’ve also had some sump pump adventures from the warm up last week, but all is well now ☺.

Karl has been traveling a bit this month (so I’m extra thankful for safe travels with all the weather issues out there). His first trip was to meet with the rest of the Tech people in the Campus ministry. Keynote has been working under the Campus ministry more directly now for the last couple of years and so we have more regular participation in their development times. It’s encouraging for all the techs to get together and share ideas and strategies for using technology more effectively to serve our staff and reach those who need Jesus. And since many of them are young and new to their roles, Karl gets to bring his years of experience to the table to help them.

The second trip was for all of our Keynote leaders to join in with the Campus leaders from around the US. The thing that seemed to encourage Karl the most was hearing from other leaders. They share their struggles and they share how God works, even using their weaknesses for His glory. God is so good. I must say that it encourages me to hear again that our leaders wish to be humble, real, and wish to follow Christ more than their own wishes.

As for Keynote, our leaders are in the midst of praying through and planning how we should be structured and function in the future, so we would love prayer for wisdom and direction.

Meanwhile, our Communication Training Team is preparing for a large Comm Lab in just a couple of weeks. This training is so helpful in that it takes a person from having a great testimony inside them to being able to share it with increasing effectiveness to those around them. When Karl and I first joined Keynote, we had this type of training and think it would benefit every single one of our Cru staff. So we’re excited to see the increased interest and opportunities to share this with them. For that matter, Comm Lab is open to the public, so anyone who wishes to may join in. More info is available at (click on the Comm Lab button). Feel free to spread the word, too!